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So Sick of Fake Masters

It's bad enough to deal with them on Gay.com, but not on Mastersjustice! But then again, why would I expect any less.

I was in the chat room today, and some random "master" messages me. I take a second a look at his profile, and notice that he is a straight master... why would be possibly want to message me...

[masterjacob] 12:19 pm: whats up
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:19 pm: nada
[masterjacob] 12:19 pm: cool
[masterjacob] 12:19 pm: you are interesting
[masterjacob] 12:19 pm: haha
[masterjacob] 12:19 pm: i read you website
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:20 pm: um ok?
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:20 pm: and?
[masterjacob] 12:20 pm: you are hott
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:21 pm: lmao
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:21 pm: thats funny coming from a "straight" guy
[masterjacob] 12:21 pm: im not straight
[masterjacob] 12:21 pm: oh my pro says i am?
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:22 pm: then why say that in your profile?
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:22 pm: um yes
[masterjacob] 12:22 pm: oh well when i
learn how ima fix it
[masterjacob] 12:22 pm: i didnt make this
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:22 pm: lol
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:22 pm:     
[masterjacob] 12:23 pm: add me on yahoo
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:23 pm: why
[masterjacob] 12:23 pm: never mind
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:23 pm: you claim to be a "master"
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:24 pm: why would you want to chat with another master
[masterjacob] 12:24 pm: i dont claim to be
[masterjacob] 12:24 pm: becuase i want to thats y
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:24 pm: then why have your profile
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:24 pm: you sound like just another fake
[masterjacob] 12:25 pm: i do?
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:25 pm: claim to be straight to screw guys out of a few bucks
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:25 pm: then you message me and tell me I'm hot... LMAO
[masterjacob] 12:25 pm: excuse me dude
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:25 pm: whatever dude
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:25 pm: later
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:25 pm: I don't waste my time with fakes
[masterjacob] 12:26 pm: i have not taken cash from a slave in months
[masterjacob] 12:26 pm: i will change it to say im a slsve for you
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:26 pm: You aren't my slave
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:26 pm: You haven't applied
[masterjacob] 12:27 pm: ok
[masterjacob] 12:27 pm: well how do i?
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:28 pm: on my site