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Happy Holidays

Regular posts will resume on 12/26/12


After a lot of drama and a heavy work schedule, I took a well deserved break from everything, but I am happy to say that I am now back in action! I have created a new site for all you fuckers out there who love serving me. You can check it out at: domination.theunderwearpimp.com

So Sick of Fake Masters

It's bad enough to deal with them on Gay.com, but not on Mastersjustice! But then again, why would I expect any less.

I was in the chat room today, and some random "master" messages me. I take a second a look at his profile, and notice that he is a straight master... why would be possibly want to message me...

[masterjacob] 12:19 pm: whats up
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:19 pm: nada
[masterjacob] 12:19 pm: cool
[masterjacob] 12:19 pm: you are interesting
[masterjacob] 12:19 pm: haha
[masterjacob] 12:19 pm: i read you website
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:20 pm: um ok?
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:20 pm: and?
[masterjacob] 12:20 pm: you are hott
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:21 pm: lmao
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:21 pm: thats funny coming from a "straight" guy
[masterjacob] 12:21 pm: im not straight
[masterjacob] 12:21 pm: oh my pro says i am?
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:22 pm: then why say that in your profile?
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:22 pm: um yes
[masterjacob] 12:22 pm: oh well when i
learn how ima fix it
[masterjacob] 12:22 pm: i didnt make this
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:22 pm: lol
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:22 pm:     
[masterjacob] 12:23 pm: add me on yahoo
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:23 pm: why
[masterjacob] 12:23 pm: never mind
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:23 pm: you claim to be a "master"
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:24 pm: why would you want to chat with another master
[masterjacob] 12:24 pm: i dont claim to be
[masterjacob] 12:24 pm: becuase i want to thats y
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:24 pm: then why have your profile
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:24 pm: you sound like just another fake
[masterjacob] 12:25 pm: i do?
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:25 pm: claim to be straight to screw guys out of a few bucks
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:25 pm: then you message me and tell me I'm hot... LMAO
[masterjacob] 12:25 pm: excuse me dude
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:25 pm: whatever dude
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:25 pm: later
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:25 pm: I don't waste my time with fakes
[masterjacob] 12:26 pm: i have not taken cash from a slave in months
[masterjacob] 12:26 pm: i will change it to say im a slsve for you
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:26 pm: You aren't my slave
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:26 pm: You haven't applied
[masterjacob] 12:27 pm: ok
[masterjacob] 12:27 pm: well how do i?
[TheUnderwearPimp] 12:28 pm: on my site

Updating Site

I am forever updating the site... check it out!


I am finally back on gay.com... WHOO HOO!

New Features!

I am thinking of some new and exciting features for the website. Hopefully we will be releasing them shortly! In the meantime, check out all the current features of the website, and of course, all the hot gear in The Pimp Store!


TheUnderwearPimp.com brings you the hottest photos & videos on the net, featuring the sexiest college guys, twinks, athletes, skaters, punks, and jocks! In addition, one of the largest private collections of jock-worn undergear and clothing!


TheUnderwearPimp.com has some of the Hottest Gay Amateurs on the Internet! We bring you the hottest photos & videos on the net, featuring the sexiest college guys, twinks, athletes, skaters, punks, jocks, and more! Check out the Site Today to See Full Uncensored Content restricted by this site.

Cyber Monday

TheUnderwearPimp.com Cyber Monday Blow Out Sale